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Safer, Smarter, Accountable

Elizabeth Claire Lewis 

CPC Leadership Nomination Candidate

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Elizabeth Claire Lewis - A different kind of conservative - Safer, Smarter, Accountable

                                         Conservative Leadership Nomination

Time to create a stronger more robust democracy in Canada; a democracy that has checks and balances at all levels of government. Time to make government overreach a thing of the past, wherever it rears it's ugly head. Time to restore laws that protect the citizens, not the government officials. Time to create systems that cater to the public's needs in health care, mental health, and policing rather than those which inspire only fear. It is time to address the root problems so that Canada doesn't need to keep apologizing for preventable mistakes. 

Elizabeth Claire Lewis is exactly the candidate for the job. She has a vast knowledge of the concerns of everyday Canadians and has survived the effects of some of Canada's worst liberal policies. Liz Lewis is a student of history. She has innovative ideas to revise the tax laws, to establish medical freedoms, to reinforce civil liberties to ensure that government employees can not interfere in private information (such as banking, social services accounts, and medical files - and to ensure that they must provide a digital signature, stated purpose before accessing public information and that the government must notify the citizen when a public official opens a citizen's file). 

Let's build this party into something we can all be proud of - and a Canada once again

Strong and Free.  

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