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Elizabeth Claire Lewis

Conservative Leadership Nomination Candidate
Elizabeth Claire Lewis

How many roads must a man walk down…..


Elizabeth Claire Lewis is an ideal candidate for this job, as she has a strong mixture of experience from living in a variety of places, from the world of elite education (McGill and Indiana, and spent a year at UBC) and everyday employment. She acquired her education with some family assistance, scholarships, assistantships, and by working everyday jobs. While pursuing her dreams as a classical musician, she undertook whatever jobs that were available to her in the localities that she lived and as a result has a good idea of how the real world works and the needs of various types of professions.

Elizabeth has worked as a lab assistant/worker/researcher, taught ESL, worked at Budget Car and Trucks, driving 16 and 26 foot trucks from Indianapolis to Bloomington as well as working in the rental office. She has worked in home nursing with quadriplegic and Alzheimer’s patients in London UK, and as a private care assistant at Lion’s Gate Hospital. She has worked in administration and mail rooms, taught voice and acting at Columbia College, served as manager/night auditor (an accounting job) at the Days Inn hotel on the weekends, and waited tables as a student. She has worked in retail, and delivered newspapers for the Cincinnati Enquirer, and has worked for the Federal, Provincial, and city elections, including running one of the sites.  In addition, Elizabeth has experience as an entrepreneur running her own opera company as a singer/director/producer in Vancouver for five years as well as her own voice studio. During this time, she taught herself the basics of web-design and marketing, writing press releases, as well as web-content for, and managed the marketing for a few local businesses in Vancouver.

Elizabeth is deeply familiar with the medical systems in Canada, as a patient, researcher, and health care worker. She has studied the American Medicare system, as well has an intimate knowledge of the provincial formularies, as well as the innovations happing world-wide. In addition, she has the experience of living through challenging healthcare situations, medical mistakes, and sexual assault: all leaving her with a plethora of knowledge of what needs to be adjusted or fixed in the system. She has produced plans to help reduce the cost of healthcare by upto 40% while increasing medical freedom, safety, and dignity to the patients and to introduce a program for medical education in the schools and communities.

Academically, Elizabeth Claire Lewis has enjoyed a varied field of study in both the Arts and Sciences running the gamut from classical music in opera to laboratories. Ms. Lewis holds degrees from McGill University and Indiana University. Lewis spent five summers assisting in isolating enzymes at WSU for the application of cancer research. She has examined the health care field from a number of vantage points; working with disabled, Alzheimer’s, and multi-lingual post-stroke patients with the goal of addressing gaps in the health care systems in both Canada and the UK, as well as through her own experiences living with a disability, as a stroke survivor.

Her personal research also examines the roots of violence towards women in modern and historical contexts exploring both the real life experiences and the medium of the arts as a vehicle for societal change.  A polymath, she has worked in education in ESL and music, studied Italian, French, and German, worked in the non-profit sector, and created an opera company in BC. Like one of her favorite composers, Verdi, she is currently finds meaning through the pursuit policy and politics

In addition, Elizabeth has a long history of volunteer work, lending her voice and talents to fundraising concerts for The Canadian Diabetes Foundation, BC Alberta Guide Dogs, The Aids Quilt Project, and Lakeshore Hospital, Quebec, as well as serving at Thanksgiving Dinners for the poor. She is a member of Chabad, but has served as a board member of Renaissance Christian Church, and in her youth attained the Gold Award as a Girl Scout as well as her Gold Leadership Award, and Silver and Silver Leadership Awards. She participated in the Virginia Literacy Project assisting adults with reading skills and was a radio reader for the blind in Toledo, OH. 

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