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Elizabeth Claire Lewis

Conservative Leadership Nomination Candidate

Whether it's Health Care, Policing, Social Services, or Industry, the Conservative Party builds stronger more robust and sustainable solutions with consideration and commitment to dignity.

National Program for Women’s Safety

Rape/Sexual Assault – Medical Support

Changing guidelines for judges regarding medical proof of rape to include medical information that takes time to present.


To cover all the preventative sexual diseases, and sexual health for victims of rape over their lifetime.

To create a program that helps women purchase their own property after being a victim of crime

To require full medical records from the assailant

To end NDAs that do not relate to business purposes (ie personal NDAs)

To end silencing of women (especially underage women) through civil suits in lieu of criminal investigations

To request that women’s shelters keep permanent records of abuse, rather than the current 7 year requirement.

To require counselling to families of rapists to help stop the cycle.

To create portal for missing women who have gone into hiding to speak with their family left behind

Providing training by expert doctors in matters related to sexual assault and FGM; Including vascular ultrasounds and imaging to address damage as soon as possible, and to develop teams of expert travelling doctors.



Changes to Family Law

To encourage support at the beginning of family fracturing to create a safer process for either rebuilding or moving apart.

To encourage compassion rather than merely labeling

To reduce the number of people falsely diagnosed with mental illnesses due to being a different neurological type to the rest of the family.

To encourage positivity towards men who are working for their families. Including in the classrooms to help children appreciate their parents from a younger age.

To create supports for parents who are facing challenges with their children.

To create legislation surrounding financial abuse to partners and children.



Medical Freedom

There are two main parts to medical freedom. One is the freedom of choice and the other is education.

To deregulate extremely safe prescription drugs.


 To reduce wait times in hospitals by ordering basic blood work before the patient is seen by a doctor.

To give patients more choices in health-care.



Ending Government Overreach/Abusive Policing/Mental Health damages

Requiring all government employees to utilize a digital signature when accessing a citizen’s personal information and for the citizen to be notified at the time it is accessed, and for the employee to state the purpose for accessing the file.

Creating a legal mechanism to dispute health and social service decisions that can be brought forth immediately in court when there is a dispute surrounding diagnosis or doctor/social service/police behavior.

Creating a neutral system for chain of possession in investigations to prevent planting of information or police damaging evidence, whereby evidence can not be accessed without representatives of both parties.

Restoring faith in the banking system by ensuring that governments can not access bank accounts without a warrant, nor freeze them without leaving at least a livable amount of money (ie not jeopardizing the safety of individuals and families).

Requiring unions to split into two bodies to resolve the conflict of interest between the public and the workers: one as a professional guild or regulating body to protect the public’s interests, and the other as a union to protect the interest of the workers, and preventing them from taking one political side.



To create a system whereby priority is given to single ownership, rather than corporate ownership of homes.

To end the mortgage discrimination of the disabled and poor so that they can purchase a home and attain financial stability as opposed to being at the mercy of a predatory rental or government housing system. (Mortgages are significantly less than rent, and often go down whereas rent always goes up).

To find options for seniors to purchase apartments that they have paid long term rent in.

To end the policy of applying disability money to long-term hospital stays in which the disabled person looses his/her home thus continuing the cycle of homelessness.

To end the dangerous policy of mixed use buildings for drug addicts/criminals, mentally ill, and disabled, and elderly tenants and replace them with specialized services catering to their needs.



To end the tax system written by wealthy liberals to support wealthy liberals and replace it with a more representative system with the goal of developing upwards mobility and financial stability.

To re-evaluate taxes on a gradient system so that people are able to attain a stable living situation (ie lower taxes for those purchasing their primary hose or helping a child buy his/her home – to encourage stability in the economy).

To end taxes on more than 40 hours of hourly labour (if your company can’t require you to work more than 40 hours per week, why should the government be allowed to tax you on it)?

To create larger sustained tax cuts for those whose professions required longer training to give them the time to catch up.

Students/Family Law

To address the issue of white collar abandonment of university aged children who look wealthy on paper but have parents that do not assist them, or who live with financial abuse and whose parents often still claim them on income taxes.

To reduce the shame of family abuse, and help people attain a state of truth in their lives more quickly.

To examine the possibility of stepped education allowing students to engage in practicums at earlier stages in their education and allowing them to switch between studies and work experience (especially useful in fields such as medicine). This also helps them pay for their education quicker.

Energy Security

To set cost goals for utilities and plans for stabilizing prices against infrastructure development and updates.

To craft a plan for energy security on each continent and encourage others to do the same.

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Conservative Party of Canada

Elizabeth CLaire Lewis
Conservative Candidate, BC (Prospective)
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