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Health Care Revisions

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

The current health care problems did not start with Covid, it merely exposed them. Here are my proposals to save our health care system.

While the Liberal Party brags that it built hospitals, they are merely buildings without excellent policies and infrastructure - that's what Conservatives can deliver on time and on budget.

“Freedom to choose is what I would like to deliver.”

With our world health care systems in serious financial trouble and with more of the same coming down the pipe, here are some concrete suggestions to get it back on track.

Revising Pharmacare

Pharmacare is currently split into several plans. I would expand that model and create care packages for various conditions which includes supplemental medications for said conditions to eliminate unnecessary doctor visits and expenses, as well automate the testing procedures so that individuals have an annual monthly testing protocol for chronic conditions. I would insist that root causes are thoroughly investigated, and that freedom of prescription choice or the Right to Try is implemented. (#Pharmacare #FreedomToChoose #TimeForChange) .

Medical Emancipation

We live in the most educated society in history, and in the number one rank country for education, yet why do we have to ask permission to treat basic medical problems. I propose for those with medical knowledge to be able to order their own tests, to declassify non-dangerous drugs (ie not opioids, etc) so that patients can self-prescribe under a coverage plan. For simple things like bladder infections, bacterial pneumonia, it would be much simpler for patients to deal directly with their problems and leave the serious care for more urgent problems

Create Community Health Classes

We should offer health education initiatives for adults, seniors, and youth. classes on how to read basic blood work, and how to self-refer with their pertinent information. We should include in the grade 10-12 curriculum human physiology, and medical self-care classes so that students are prepared to look after their health and attain medical literacy which ends with a certificate for medical emancipation.

Medical Libraries

I would install medical libraries for citizens to research and inquire about conditions and choices, both at a digital and physical level with trained nurse practitioners available to answer questions. This could easily be installed within the current library systems.

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