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Housing Plan

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

New policies in housing and renewal of safety measures, we are all in it together.

The stories that circulate around BC's housing crisis are appalling, heartbreaking, and !00% resolvable.

Design with Ease

“Housing and safety are human rights and no person should be relegated to a shipping container.”

Elizabeth Claire Lewis

To resolve the housing crisis, we must all do our part, from landlords to charities and co-ops to housing exchanges, there are better ways to address the housing issues.

Homelessness is Society's Silent Killer

Homelessness, like heart disease can creep up on almost anybody. So how do we fix this problem? (#eviction #rentcontrols #homelessness) I suggest by addressing it at every level. Businesses are a privilege in many ways. Since approximately 10 percent of the BC population live under the poverty line, landlords should be required to provide subsidized living spaces. Rental prices should be attached to the unit to dissuade renovictions, and developers should also be required across the board to provide housing that is subsidized at the same percent.

Choices in Lifestyle

Rolling Stones - One of the most overlooked and misunderstood aspects of homelessness relates to movement of the population. Some individuals prefer to live a highly mobile and free lifestyle and are actually looking for the option of moving from one place to another, rather than live in a permanent housing structure. For these individuals living in a temporary space may be a solution, as with the concept of housing exchanges.

“There is a minimum amount of space a person needs to retain sanity”

Charities and Housing Societies

Co-opts are a great solution to housing inequity, as are grants for at risk people and supportive financial services to help them along the way.

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