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Restoring Dignity - Lessons from Covid

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Standing in lines whether for the grocery store or the food bank doesn't do a self-esteem good.

Food bank services need some serious re-imagining. For anyone who has had to use them, (and this includes myself), one knows the shame attached.

Effective resource management

“There are two groups of people who need food assistance, those who can shop for food and those who can not.”


Food banks should be for reserved those in immediate crisis

Food security is an important issue, yet many people who have food insecurity are too ashamed to stand in line at a food bank, and those who do need a food bank style shop often cannot carry the groceries due to disability or age. The many public and private food banks would be wiser to focus on delivering food to those in immediate need like the elderly, those recovering from surgery/illness, and the disabled and to organizations that feed the poor. (#foodbank #dignity4thepoor #)

Food cards and direct charity

“...What's in your wallet? 'Snany! (it's nane of your business)”

At the end of the day, only the tax man needs to know one's financial situation. As we fully enter the digital age, it is much easier to develop a card that functions much like food stamps and which people can donate to at the till. There are many ways to partner with industry to help people without making people feel beholden or less than. We could easily create a province-wide card for individuals at risk.

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