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Victims of Crime

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Serious crime can leave a person homeless, impoverished, isolated, and in need of serious rehabilitation.

As a rape victim myself, the decision to run has been challenging, as has the decision to stay in this province.

“More time is spent rehabilitating criminals than on the victims of crime - this needs to change now.”

Criminals (if they are even jailed) have tens of thousands of dollars spent on their room and board as well as education and rehab possibilities, yet victims often receive as little as a few hundred dollars through victim services to attempt to reclaim their own lives.

Medical Supports

Many victims of crime endure on-going medical expenses which they have to apply line-by-line to victim or social services. Like the Pharmasave plan, I would suggest a lifetime pre-packaged victim services plan base on the type of assault. I will used the example of rape. Most of the current services offered only deal with immediate issues, yet women who are victims of Violence against women (Abortion, FGM, and rape) all have ongoing issues that include severe bleeding, infertility, damage to the urethra resulting in bladder and kidney disease, rectal or intestinal damage, hernias, and in some cases broken bones and damage to the spinal cord. This could be resolved through a Pharmacare care package that included continuous birth control such as the Novaring, and open prescriptions for antibiotics, as well as (#metoo #victimsofcrime #timeforchange) pre-approval for new drugs and procedures as they become available.

Housing and Banking Charities

Many people give to charity, the beauty of a banking charity is that it can help restore the dignity to people and give women experiencing violence a fresh start in life. Women leaving trafficking, victims of rape, and domestic violence often have terrible credit scores or even no credit score. Hiding in shelters is not a life option, but with the assistance of bank charities a woman might be able to get a mortgage or vehicle and begin the process of standing on her own feet again. As a woman who has been in a shelter twice in my life, I can say that it is not a permanent solution, nor is many of the housing situations where crime can be an issue.

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